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Introduction to PPC

What is P.P.C.?

Police Pistol Combat, or P.P.C., was originally developed as a training tool for police officers, teaching them to shoot at a black silhouette target. It has since evolved into a competitive sport that includes both police officers and civilians

Who is Eligible?

By virtue of its origin, any peace officer is eligible to shoot at P.P.C. matches. In addition, any civilian who has attended an approved P.P.C. training seminar can also participate.

What Type of Gun Can I Use?

Most shooters use a double action revolver, chambered to fire .38 Special ammunition, or a semi-automatic pistol in 9 mm or .40 calibre. Semi-automatics in .45 ACP may also be used.

What is the Course of Fire?

A PPC "1500" match consists of 150 rounds fired at a black silhouette target from 7, 15, 25, and 50 yards. The sport combines accuracy with speed in a variety of shooting positions. The shots are fired standing, sitting, prone, kneeling, and from behind barricades to simulate the conditions an officer might face on the job. The "Duty Pistol" match also consists of 150 rounds, but fired from 3, 5, 7, 5, and 25 yards, and using only a semiautomatic pistol issued to officers by a Canadian police force.

What is Colwood P.P.C.?

Colwood P.P.C. Club was incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia on April 13, 1988. The purposes of the Club are to encourage and promote Police Combat excellence among its members and promote good relations with other clubs and associations in the Police Combat community. The Colwood PPC club is affiliated with the Canadian Police Combat Association (CPCA), and the Vancouver Island Shooting Association (VISA). In 1996 the Colwood P.P.C. Club joined with the the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association.

CPCA maintains a classification system and a record of all scores shot at the matches, to ensure that shooters are placed in their appropriate class. Fun matches are held on a monthly basis in Nanaimo and Victoria. Major competitions are also hosted through the year in Victoria and Vancouver, as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. These matches feature merchandise awards for the top shooters in each class. Throughout the merchandise and fun matches, the emphasis is on safety, camaraderie, and enjoyment of the sport.